New Pregnancy & Postpartum Mental Health Program at Reston Hospital

I love working with pregnant and postpartum mamas who are experiencing feelings of overwhelm or symptoms of perinatal mood & anxiety disorders. 

Typically, therapy or coaching can help stabilize things so parents can better enjoy the journey. 

Sometimes, however, I encounter moms who need something more than their OB, psychiatrist, or I can offer, but it has been disheartening in the past, knowing there were not great options for where to send these mothers. 

Too often, I’ve worked with moms who were sent to the ER or inpatient psych units, only to be separated from their babies, misdiagnosed, traumatized by feeling stuck somewhere they didn’t belong, and left with feelings of shame and guilt that further complicated their healing.  

I’m very excited to share that Northern Virginia now has a new Pregnancy & Postpartum Mental Health Program!

Located within Reston Hospital and offered through Dominion/HCA Healthcare, this IOP program focuses on women struggling or experiencing perinatal mood and anxiety disorders while adjusting to motherhood. 

A few weeks ago, I toured the new unit with some perinatal colleagues. 

I’m so grateful to have this resource and wanted to spread the word.  

Pregnancy and postpartum are such vulnerable and unique experiences, with their own set of physical, emotional, and mental health challenges. Families deserve better support systems so that all moms can get the right kind of help when needed. 

For more information about the program, contant Ashley Summers or visit the website here.