Perinatal Support


Motherhood can be a wonderful experience. It can also be a challenging transition filled with lots of stress and overwhelming & confusing emotions. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, your doctor, family member, or friend may have recommended therapy, but you're not sure if that's the right next step. 

You may not feel you have the time or energy to commit to therapy, or might feel unsure about what to expect. I get that. And I've found that what most new moms really need is a plan that feels hopeful rather than like another item on the to-do list.


All moms experience challenges in motherhood. 

Approximately 1 in 6 experience a perinatal mood or anxiety disorder (PMAD)

during pregnancy or following childbirth. 


Whether you are facing a PMAD or just need a little extra support in navigating this chapter
of your life (be it pregnancy, a recent birth, or mothering with a few years of experience under your belt) I'm here to help you out! 

If you’re wondering whether you may be facing a PMAD or have questions about what type of treatment and support is right for you, fill out the information form below and I'll be in touch regarding the best next steps to get you feeling better so that you can enjoy your motherhood journey.  


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Not ready to invest but need some resources?
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