Hanging in there overall, mama, but need some support & reassurance as you navigate motherhood?


If so, coaching might be the best next step.


So many moms struggle with mom-guilt, questioning whether they are doing things right and wondering how to manage the stress that comes from all the transitions & challenges pregnancy or life with little kids brings.


But so many moms struggle in silence, fearing judgment or feeling that asking for help somehow makes them seem like a failure as a mom.


I'm a licensed therapist specializing in maternal mental health, but I know that not every mom who could use support has the freedom nor need for scheduled, hour-long therapy appointments.


I know that often your mom-meltdowns happen at midnight... But by the time you're making breakfast and caring for your child the next morning, you've put your need for support on the backburner.


That's why I've created a coaching option for moms that are overall stable but could still use a sounding board every now and then.


Somebody to cheer you on, give useful feedback, and ensure you that you're on the right track.


Coaching is for you if:


✓ You are functioning well overall & don't meet the criteria for a mental health diagnosis that necessitates therapy

✓ You want to focus on action-oriented change to tackle a specific stressor in pregnancy or motherhood

✓ You could use support & a non-judgmental place to check-in regarding your doubts, fears, and struggles

✓ You don't have childcare or a lot of free time for scheduled appointments

✓ You don't want to wait a week or more between each contact

My coaching is ideal for busy, stressed out moms. It structured different from therapy in that it's more relaxed & we can connect remotely on a regular, consistent basis without having to work around each of our schedules for appointments. Should therapy become necessary, we will discuss and I will make appropriate referrals as needed.


Wouldn't it be nice to vent about your mama-meltdown in the moment...and know you'll receive strategies to move forward with confidence?


Through remote voice messaging, we can connect and talk back-and-forth about whatever issues you are facing. 


Sometimes just saying it outloud can help to relieve some pressure.


I can get back to you with support, thoughts, and ideas to help you feel more grounded, empowered, and nurtured.


You're a mama...but you're also a woman who deserves support, too.


Remote Coaching Details:

  • $250/month for unlimited Voxer messaging
  • Upon purchase, you will receive instructions via email on how to connect with me via Voxer
  • I will get back to you ASAP, typically within 24-hours
  • Message me as much as you need over the next month
  • Cancel monthly coaching at any time