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Motherhood is a juggling act that can sometimes feel overwhelming. Get my 
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Are you a mom or mom-to-be
in need of some support?

You may be feeling overwhelmed or just not like yourself, wondering if what you are experiencing is normal. You need some reassurance and some strategies to help you feel calm and confident on your motherhood journey. I want to help you!

I’m Megan!

I'm a licensed therapist, a Certified Perinatal Mental Health Professional, a coach, and a mom of three.

I love helping people, especially overwhelmed moms, learn and implement new tools to feel and be their best.  

You may be feeling anxious or unprepared for this new chapter of your life. Or things may not be going as you hoped or planned.

With some information and confidence-building tools, you can navigate the ups and downs from a place of empowerment that will help you and your children thrive. 


Whether you had a traumatic birth, are experiencing symptoms of a perinatal mood or anxiety disorder, or just need some help juggling the typical, every-day stressors of being a mom, I have options to help get you the support and tools you need.

I offer courses, coaching, and therapy services. See below and let's determine the best method for getting you the support you need. 

The Birth Bundle

An online, self-paced course offering a mind-body approach to planning for birth. Includes information & exercises from both pelvic floor physical therapy and mental health therapy perspectives. 

Empowered Motherhood Course

An online, self-paced course to help moms learn new strategies & develop confidence so they can thrive, not just survive, in motherhood.



Coaching for Moms

All moms need a safe place to process challenges and receive reassurance when things feel hard. Through remote voice & text messaging, you can connect with me at any time to get guidance and support so you feel less alone on this journey.


I run a therapy practice, Be Well - Wellness, that provides counseling services for those located in Virginia. My team specializes in helping individuals facing stress during pregnancy and postpartum and offers services in-person and virtually via telehealth. 

EMDR for Birth Trauma

Even with the best laid plans, childbirth can be an intense experience with unpredictable interventions, outcomes, and emotions that leave people with birth trauma. I provide EMDR intensive sessions to help you process and move past the experience.

Postpartum Group

I co-facilitate a free Postpartum Support Virginia group at Be Hive Wellness. The group is informal and relaxed, providing a space for moms to connect, ask questions, and get support. Babies & toddlers welcome. Meets the 2nd & 4th Wednesday of every month from 11 AM -12 PM.

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