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Mom, AKA The Ultimate Project Manager 

Moms to do list

I’ve written before about the mental overload and the myriad of responsibilities that moms undertake on a daily basis, and I continue to talk about this phenomenon every day with the moms I work with. 

For many, being a mom is like being an unpaid project manager that works 24 hour shifts, every day of the week.  

It can be exhausting. 

Even when you’re resting, the mental overload is there, with so many things simultaneously taking up space in your brain – household needs, child care logistics, juggling multiple schedules. The list goes on.  

Sometimes you may fantasize about quitting your role as project manager, or at least taking a very long vacation. Alone. (Oh how I miss that one-bedroom apartment I had in my 20s.)

In the very funny and relatable book, How Not to Hate Your Husband After Kids, author Jancee Dunn quotes Pamela Smock, a sociology professor at the University of Michigan and a leading expert on the changing American family:

Smock refers to mothers as household managers, saying, “It’s the person who remembers everything: that Joey needs to have a dentist appointment, what foods each child likes, that a babysitter needs to be hired for the weekend. If a mother is handing her husband a grocery list, he is given credit for going shopping, but she has done the work of constructing the list. Giving direction to the husband is labor. It’s in every area in terms of childcare, and it’s always going on in your brain, even if you’re not aware of it.” 


Can you relate? 

Recently, I read that time is the only non-renewable resource. 

So true! Time is something most moms wish they had more of.  More time for themselves. More time to get all the chores done. More time just to get a break from the mental overload. 

Since we cannot create more hours in the day, we have to find ways to recharge our energy during it. 

This is one thing I love helping moms to do. If you need some help getting started, download my free resource here and get in touch to hear more about how I can help you destress and find more time for you. ❤️