Are you overwhelmed or exhausted as a mom?

If so, it's time to prioritize your sanity!


Being a mom is hard work! It involves managing a never-ending mental to-do list that includes everything from feeding your kids three meals each day, to remembering to schedule check-ups, to conducting the dreaded tasks of switching out their wardrobe every time they outgrow another size.


With all that you are managing, it's hard to get a break. It's time for this unpaid, overworked project manager to get some room to breathe.



My free mom's toolkit for stress management will help you discover that taking time out for yourself doesn't have to be all that time consuming.

Learning to implement stress management tools will help you to:

  • Have more patience with your little bundles of joy (that sometimes scream, throw tantrums, and create massive messes that test your sanity!)
  • Better manage your frustration so you loose your patience less often
  • Enjoy being a mom and appreciate quality time with your kids rather than constantly feel pulled in a million directions


So put those kids to bed, lock yourself in your room, and start working on your stress-management toolkit today!

Get the free guide:

Hi! I'm Megan

I'm a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Perinatal Mental Health Clinician, passionate about helping new moms adjust to life with a new baby. Whether this is your first baby or you've done this a time or two, you deserve support in navigating the good times and the bad in this blessing/challenge (depending on the day!) of being a mom. 

I also specialize in working with individuals struggling with issues related to identity, self-esteem, stress-management, trauma, and anxiety. I love helping people discover new ways to improve their lives and want to help you feel your best. I would love to connect!