Are medications safe during pregnancy & breastfeeding?

So many pregnant and postpartum moms struggling with a mood or anxiety disorder question whether taking medication to treat their symptoms is safe for baby.

With so much confusion and lack of accurate information (among even the best providers!) and hype around whether medications are safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding, it’s no wonder this topic can feel overwhelming. 

I was so grateful for the opportunity to talk about what’s safe when it comes to psychiatric medication during breastfeeding. (The same info applies to pregnancy.) 

If you want to know more, you can find the article here on the Hello Postpartum Blog. 

I talk about:

  • Which psychotropic medications are safe while breastfeeding
  • What you need to consider when thinking about starting medication
  • When medication is necessary
  • Assessing the risk of untreated illness vs. medications
  • Why the number of exposures matter
  • Resources for up-to-date drug information

If you have questions about whether medication may be useful for you, get in touch! 

While I’m not a prescribing doctor, I do have insight into when medications can help and lots of experience helping overwhelmed moms decide what’s right for their family. ❤️