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Maybe you're feeling uncertain, or afraid what this major transition will mean for you and your partner.


Maybe you are grieving the loss of the life you had before or are terrified of messing up your children by repeating dysfunctional patterns from your past.


Your brain may be FILLED with relentless worries and concerns:


"Is my baby okay?" · "What if I hurt my baby?" · "Do we need more diapers?" · "Am I bonding with my baby?" · "Is my partner still attracted to me?" · "Will I ever feel normal again?"


It's a LOT. Motherhood can feel draining and completely overwhelming at times.

The days feel long and exhausting, but you're literally doing the same thing on a loop: Feed, rock, pray for sleep. Over and over.

Hi! I'm Megan

I'm a maternal mental health therapist and perinatal coach specializing in helping moms navigate the ups & downs of motherhood. 


Pregnancy, bringing home a newborn, and parenting are all amazing yet often anxiety-provoking experiences. 

You may not feel 100% prepared. After all, your baby doesn't come with it's own manual. And the reality is, all the well-meaning information out there can actually create rather than alleviate anxiety. It can be overwhelming. 

I've worked with so many moms who feel out of sorts and filled with self-doubt as they navigate this new chapter.

As a mom or a mom-to-be, what you really want is to feel confident, filled with hope, and well-balanced, knowing you can stay grounded and enjoy motherhood to the fullest.

And sometimes you need a little support to get there.

I've been there and, as a mom & licensed therapist specializing in maternal mental health, I've developed a process to help you stop stressing and obsessing and become a more confident and present mom.    

 Three things you need in motherhood:

‚úď Calm

‚úď Confidence

‚úď A Sense of Balance


In this evidence-based course, I'll walk you through my process to help you feel more calm, confident, and balanced so you can thrive - not just survive - on your journey as a mom. 


What's included:

Virtual, self-paced training modules to help you learn & implement the process

Simple strategies you can begin implementing right away to start feeling better

Option to receive personalized, 1:1 coaching support along the way


You’re so much more than just an exhausted mom.

Let's help you stay afloat rather than feeling like you are drowning. By becoming more mindful, empowered, and nurtured, you can better manage this challenging stage and learn to thrive, rather than just survive, in motherhood. 

If you’re ready to start feeling like yourself again and become the best version of who you are - as a mom and beyond - join me!

Client Testimonial:
"I really enjoyed the Empowered Motherhood lessons! I learned tools that were so necessary for every aspect of life. I was really struggling as a new mom but getting support and learning ways to better manage the every-day struggles was huge. I learned to be consciously responsive to stressors rather than reactive and that‚Äôs made a huge difference. I‚Äôm feeling so much more confident as a mom and am enjoying time with my baby rather than worrying about every little thing.‚ÄĚ

More on the Process:


In my course, I help you learn strategies to:

1.) Create Calm: Quiet your mind and tame your inner critic so you can focus on what really matters while keeping your nervous system regulated. 

Science has proven that we can literally rewire our brains to improve our moods and more effectively cope with life’s stressors. It's life changing. I'll show you how it works and help you change your brain so you can navigate life with a greater sense of calm.

2.) Build Confidence: Embrace your inner-strength so you can feel empowered and learn to set healthy boundaries for yourself and your family. 

Develop effective skills to set boundaries and be a protective mama-bear without making enemies. You can be more confident and courageous in parenting, which will help you effectively navigate the ups and downs of motherhood. 

3.) Find Balance: Develop a toolkit of ways to nurture yourself so you can stay grounded and present as you care for your family and juggle the many demands of motherhood. 

Learn simple ways to prioritize your own wellbeing without feeling overwhelmed. You can feel fulfilled and ultimately be a more patient, available, and content version of the mom you want to be. 



You need some strategies to start living your best life now rather than waiting for the sleep deprivation and gazillion transitions to end. Let's do it!


When you invest in this course and begin implementing new strategies, you'll be able to:

‚úď rewire your brain to feel more confident as a mom and beyond so you can enjoy motherhood while also maintaining your identity

‚ústset boundaries for yourself and your family so you can feel confident in your parenting-decisions and preserve your energy

‚ústutilize simple tools to help you stay grounded¬†to better manage mom-overwhelm and parent from a place of patience and calmness

‚ústfeel more connected to your partner so you feel less alone and more supported

‚ústfind ways to better care for yourself while balancing¬†everything you have on your plate

If you're mentally beating yourself up, wondering why it seems easier for everyone else, comparing yourself to all those other moms on social media who seem to be carrying babies & momming with ease...  

If you're consumed by feelings of doubt or constant questions: "Is this normal?" "Is this safe for my child?" "Am I doing this right?"...  

If you've found yourself wondering if you're even cut out for the role as mom or questioning whether this was all a big mistake...the Empowered Motherhood course is for you!

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Don't let these reasons get in the way of feeling your best and

being the best mom you can be for your kids.