What To Do With All The Art! 🎨

I keep seeing reels with this trending audio on Instagram: “Y’all, Look what I made!” Parents showing off their adorable children.

I just keep thinking of how often I hear that phrase FROM my children.

Since my oldest was in preschool, I’ve had to secretly separate the crap art from the super cute and must-save art, sneaking the rejected pieces into the very bottom of the trash bin or out to the curb post bedtime on trash night, lest she become seriously offended upon finding ANY of her work in the trash, covered with discarded food bits.

Recently, my sister-in-law texted to ask me for a link to the art storage frames we have in our hallway. “I have zero room left on the fridge!” she told me.

How many other mamas can relate?

Thought I’d share this great find for anyone looking for ways to contain all their little artist's masterpieces: Li'l Davinci Art Frames

They can be hung vertically or horizontally, and come in various sizes, black or white. Happy decorating! :)