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What are your holiday takeaways?

With the holidays and winter break nearly behind us, I want to encourage you to take a moment to reflect on what you wish would have been different this season. 

Are there any boundaries you wish you would have set? Or things you would do differently if you could rewind? 

Are there any areas where extra mom guilt showed up this holiday? 

Did you worry about whether you did enough for your kids? Or stress about giving them the most magical holiday possible?  

What takeaways do you want to remember for next year? 


I have two: 

  1. In the future, I need a few days off before Christmas to truly let my nervous system settle…so it doesn’t take two mimosas and a three hour nap on Christmas day to feel ready to embrace the holiday spirit. 
  2. Finding an ideal work-life balance is especially important leading up to the holidays when there are the added pressures of purchasing gifts, planning holiday outfits, and arranging family gatherings. 


My buddy Amy Tanzillo (of Thrive Breastfeeding) and I chatted the week before Christmas about how the holiday season presents so much added pressure and creates additional triggers for mom guilt. 

On the way to my daughter’s winter performance on the last day of school before winter break, I vented to Amy about my stressed-out, almost mom-fail moment: 

At 8.00 PM the night before, my daughter alerted me that she had nothing to wear for the performance. (How do kids outgrow their clothes so fast? When does the constant sizing up wardrobe overhaul finally end?) 

She showed me pictures of all the cute, festive outfits friends were planning to wear for their sing-along. “Crap. There goes my plans of relaxing and getting to bed early!” I hopped in the car (in PJs, a big coat, no bra) and ran to Old Navy. 

My near mom fail turned into a total mom win when I found tons of cute holiday dresses…ON CLEARANCE! (Guess all those organized moms shopped weeks ago!) 

Luckily, her size was still on the rack and I presented her with options to choose from. Score. I felt like super mom. 

….til the next morning when the mom guilt reawoke — Her beat-up sneakers looked pretty dumb with her nice holiday dress. Fail. 

Amy laughed at my story and said, “I have three kids and I haven't bought a single Christmas present yet.” 

 Sometimes it’s impossible to juggle it all as a mom during the holidays! 


What do you wish you said no to this year? 

Did your family pressure you to do the big fancy dinner when all you really wanted was to chill out in sweatpants?


What balls could you have dropped to create more space and decrease stress? 

Did you send out holiday cards but hate the whole process from scheduling the photoshoot to addressing the envelopes? 


Where is there mom guilt you can let go of? 

That picture of your baby terrified on Santa’s lap? One day it will be a funny and precious memory.


Just remember that whatever you're doing is enough. 

You are enough. 

Your biggest mom win can be setting boundaries and ditching mom guilt so you can relax and enjoy time with your babies. 


Cheers to joining me in more calm and less mom guilt as a goal for 2024. 


PS: Apparently the beat-up sneakers and dress look is TOTALLY in! ❤️