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Pediatric Chiropractic Care - It's gentle, safe, & effective

A while back, I heard a podcast episode talking about the benefits of chiropractic care for newborns.

I'll admit, I had what is probably a typical reaction: "Isn't it dangerous to mess with the spines of babies?" 

But as I listened on, I learned how pediatric chiropractic care is actually very gentle—no cracking involved!

Rather, it involves gentle pressure (imagine the amount of pressure you can handle on your eyeball) which stimulates neuropathways in the brain and removes obstructions in the nervous system. This can help to alleviate or correct issues that may have resulted from stress or positioning during pregnancy or birth.

Since hearing that episode, I’ve kept pediatric chiropractic care on my radar as an option for moms who are facing otherwise unexplained issues with their babies—feeding issues, sleep issues, colic, head tilts, failure to thrive, etc.

And I've now heard countless stories about how it's helped–often after just one session. 

Moms I’ve worked with have experienced improved sleep, easier breastfeeding, a decrease in anxiety regarding concerns about baby’s development, and improvements in baby’s range of motion and movement toward milestones. 

 I was really excited to connect with Dr. David Gustitus of Whole Body Health Chiropractic (Thanks babycito, for the connection) to learn more about how chiropractic care can help families. You can listen to our chat here.