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The Five Love Languages in Motherhood

Hearts on love note

Happy belated Mother’s Day!

As my kids were arguing this morning about who did and didn’t give me a good Mother’s Day present, I was kicking myself for not sending out a Mother’s Day greeting Sunday. 

(What I wanted most this Mother’s Day was colorful flowers in my yard, so I was busy outside, directing my boys on where to dig!)

Mother’s Day can trigger a host of emotions, sometimes joy and sometimes grief, depending on where you are in your own journey as a child and/or parent. I want to acknowledge that and hope you were able to get what you needed most this past Mother’s Day weekend.

I used this morning’s argument as an opportunity to teach my kids about the five love languages and thought it might be useful to share them here, along with an invitation to think of ways you can incorporate these concepts into your own self-care rituals and parenting moments.  


The five love languages, as outlined by Dr. Gary Chapman in his book The Five Love Languages: The Secrets to Love that Lasts are: 

  • Words of affirmation: Expressing love and gratitude verbally or in writing.
  • Acts of service: Doing helpful chores or tasks to support another person.
  • Gifts: Giving gifts, whether big or small, to convey love and appreciation.
  • Quality time: Spending uninterrupted time engaged in an activity together.  
  • Physical touch: Hugs, kisses, and physical closeness that express warmth and affection. 


Dr. Chapman teaches that each of us tends to have a primary love language. Relationships can benefit from being mindful of similarities and differences in expressing and receiving love. 

The five love languages are a great concept for us to be aware of as moms. Consider your needs in each of these areas and ensure you’re finding ways to feel loved and appreciated, from the inside out. The love languages also offer options for connecting with our children in meaningful ways. 

Let’s make it a goal to teach our children to be competent in all five love languages.