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Gratitude - A Mr. Roger's Ingredient for Success

Thank you note

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope that amid the extra prepping, cooking, time with family, and managing your normal list of mom to-dos, you’re able to take a moment to relax, drop into your body, and truly experience the benefit of feeling gratitude. 

This isn’t always easy when our days are busy and we’re juggling a million things. But let today serve as a reminder that feeling gratitude, even for just a moment, can help provide the reset we need to stay grounded.  

Recently, I listened to a book written by my colleague Anita Knight Kuhnely, called The Mister Rogers Effect: 7 Secrets in Bringing Out the Best in Yourself and Others from America's Beloved Neighbor.

Not surprisingly, “Show Gratitude” was among the seven secrets.


Research has shown that the practice of gratitude can improve sleep, mood, and physical health. It can also decrease anxiety, depression, risk of disease, and issues with chronic pain. Pretty amazing, right? 


Below are several action steps for practicing gratitude as recommended in The Mister Rogers Effect

  •  Journal what you’re thankful for
  •  Take some time and “white space” to savor life
  •  Appreciate your strengths
  •  Think of somebody in your life you are thankful for
  •  Send a thank you note for something you appreciated 
  •  Think of one thing you could do today that your future self would thank you for, then consider doing it


If you’re a mama, remember to pause and allow yourself to feel gratitude. 

Whether your baby finally fell asleep, you successfully diverted your toddler’s attention and prevented a meltdown, or your child actually got out the door on time, take a moment to feel thankful. Your mental health will benefit! 


PS: If you’re wondering – the other six secrets in The Mister Rogers Effect include:

  •  listening for discovery
  •  validating feelings
  •  preserving white space
  •  exercising empathy
  •  practicing radical acceptance &
  • using expressions of care