Finding Meaning: Sometimes It's Just About Coping (Burnout 📖)

I recently finished reading Emily & Amelia Nagosk’s book, Burnout. In it, the sister authors describe meaning as “the nourishing experience of feeling like we are connected to something larger than ourselves." It’s about contributing something positive to the world during your lifetime.

Meaning isn’t always consistent. It can come and go, and if you go too long without it, you begin wondering what the point of life even is.

Meaning supports thriving or sustains coping. And it isn’t always fun. 

Wow, does this concept relate to motherhood! 

When things are going well in our families, it’s easy to feel a sense of purpose and to find meaning in our roles as mothers. But motherhood can sometimes feel like a thankless job, and when stress is high and our kids are acting like little terrors, it can be hard to feel a true sense of meaning as a mom.

It helps to remember that meaning sometimes involves merely coping. When you are having one of those days where you want to run away and hide, leaving your family far behind, remember there is meaning behind your role. 

You may not get the thanks and respect you deserve from your kids, but your role in their lives, even on the hard days, is incredibly meaningful. You are shaping them into the people they will be in this world. Your sticking around and being a constant presence serves an important purpose. Coming back to this realization can help you shift your mindset from sheer overwhelm to, “I can do this.” 

Burnout is full of useful insights and well worth the read! Check it out if you need a little inspiration!