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Don't try to boil the ocean!

A few years back, a business coach introduced me to Denis Duffield-Thomas, a money-mindset mentor for entrepreneurs. I’ve loved her books, have listened to her podcastand am on her mail list. 

Honestly, I delete so many emails that come into my inbox without opening, just trying to keep up with the ones I actually need to read and respond to. 

But yesterday Denise’s email came through while I had a spare moment, so I stopped to read. It resonated deeply, so I felt compelled to share: 

She started with “Take a breath.” And went on to talk about how we don’t have to do all the things all at once. 

“There’s time. Be discerning,” she wrote. “You have to respect the seasons of your life.” 

“I’m in my child-raising season right now,” she said. “And that means I can’t do everything.”

This hit home so deeply for me, as I’ve found myself feeling overwhelmed lately juggling the work-life balance. I’m noticing this particular “season” of motherhood has been especially hard. 

Somehow it felt easier when my kids were babies and toddlers. It was easier to be a fun, present mom. 

Now, I’m exhausted and struggling to figure out the boundaries with screen time, manage the 800 question I’m asked every day (mostly “Can we get a dog?” and “Can I have Robux?”), and understand why “skin care” is suddenly all the rage with pre-teens. 

I love this idea of recognizing the season you're in and giving yourself permission to punt some things down the road until an easier season has arrived. 

"Don’t try to boil the ocean," Denise said, quoting her friend.

Love that. And want to send that same message to any mamas who also need permission to let a ball drop, say no to something, and allow themselves to embrace the current season as best they can. 

🩵 Megan