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Postpartum Healing Kit by Birth Matron

A while back, I wrote about accepting help postpartum and shared a YouTube video documenting a woman's experience with Chinese Confinement, a period of time after birth where a postpartum mother is waited on and supported as she rests and heals. 

I've since learned about so many incredible practices and traditions from cultures around the world that align with my interest in embracing mind-body wellness in motherhood. 

Recently, I connected with Salwa Salim and her company, Birth Matron, and learned of their comprehensive and holistic postpartum recovery kit which draws from midwifery traditions of Malaysia and Singapore. 

The kit includes the following essentials to support postpartum healing and self-care:

The batik benghung belly bind, warming lotion, herbal oil, sitz & bath washes, steam, scrub, tonics, teas, and milk boosters.

Salwa, who comes from a lineage of traditional Malay midwives, recognized the gap in effective postpartum care that exists in the United States compared to other cultures around the world and became determined to bring traditions from her culture to the United States by creating a DIY postpartum healing kit. 

To repeat a phrase I hear so often in my work in the field, "I wish I knew about this / wish this existed when I had my babies." 

If you want to know more about the Birth Matron 40-Day Postpartum Healing Kit/products (as a gift or for your own postpartum healing journey), get in touch. We now offer the kit through my office space at Be Hive Wellness and believe it can be a game-changer in elevating postpartum care.