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The Birth Bundle!

Hello Expectant Parents!

Katie Bayer, my pelvic floor PT bestie, and I are excited to announce that our Birth Bundle is officially on sale. 

The Birth Bundle is a self-paced, online course providing information and exercises to prepare both physically and mentally for birth.

For the past year +, we have been planning this resource and we’ve finally squeezed in time to record all the modules and make it a real thing.  

So often when we each work with a pregnant client, we want to send them to one another for additional support – because the mind-body connection is VITAL during pregnancy and preparing for birth. We want every parent-to-be to receive information and tools to feel empowered in their experience.

We’re thrilled to be able to support more expecting mamas, including those who may not be able to make it into either or both of our offices.

If you’re pregnant and getting ready to bring your baby into the world, check out The Birth Bundle. 

Here’s what’s included:

  •  The importance of the mind-body connection during pregnancy & birth
  •  Physical anatomy and changes, aches, and pains that can occur during pregnancy & how to manage them
  •  The physiology of birth, what positions are best in the different stages of labor and delivery, and how to navigate pushing by engaging your breath & core
  •  The importance of managing your thinking and expectations around birth to minimize the risk of birth trauma (i.e. Think "birth preferences" vs. "birth plan")
  •  Things to think about as you prepare for this transition (communication with partner, boundaries with family & friends, etc.) 
  • The importance of mindfulness tools to stay present and grounded during birth
  • Baby Blues versus Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders and when to get help 
  • And navigating the first few weeks postpartum

We hope this will be a valuable resource and wish every expectant parent and new baby a beautiful & empowering birth experience. ❤️

Click here to go to THE BIRTH BUNDLE