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EMDR Intensives:

Healing Trauma

EMDR is a modern therapy technique that helps accelerate healing from traumatic or disturbing events.

These experiences often leave people feeling stuck, constantly re-triggered by circumstances that create additional distress. Normal functioning may be impaired, or you might just not feel like yourself. 

EMDR can be useful at any point following a difficult event, whether recent or many years in the past.

If you recently experienced a trauma, of if you've tried talk therapy to work through a trauma but feel you need a little something more to truly move forward, EMDR may be the next best step. It is a is a somatic therapy that helps you to release distress both physically and mentally.

I offer two-hour intensive sessions, which I've found allows us to get to the root of the trauma to help you make quicker and more effective progress. Shorter follow-up sessions may be useful as needed. 



Birth Traumas

I especially love working with individuals who are anxious about childbirth or overwhelmed after experiencing or witnessing a birth trauma or difficult/disappointing delivery.

Birth traumas include anything during pregnancy, labor, delivery, or postpartum that involves actual or perceived serious injury to the birthing person or infant, resulting in feelings of intense fear, loss of dignity, loss of control, helplessness, horror, or grief. They can impact anyone, including partners, doulaas, midwives, doctors, and medical staff.

Whether you are looking to heal from a past birth trauma or are preparing to give birth, you may benefit from EMDR therapy so you can better enjoy your parenting journey. 

Single incident birth traumas can often be resolved in just one EMDR intensive session. 

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Together we can help you decrease anxiety and make sense of your experience so you can find peace and healing.