Do you constantly feel unsure of yourself?


Do you wish you had more confidence

in navigating stressful situations?

Unfavorable experiences in childhood or adolescence can leave you feeling uncertain of who you are and feeling hesitant when it comes to handling conflict and setting boundaries. Uncomfortable situations, unhealthy relationships, or experiences of peer pressure, bullying, or abuse can make you question what's right or wrong. Sometimes it becomes difficult to separate what you deserve from what's not okay.


You have certain inherent rights as a human and as a teenager, but often we aren't aware of what those rights even are.


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to help you recognize 10 ways you can begin to protect yourself and ultimately gain confidence in being who you are. Notice which items on this list feel particularly foreign or difficult for you to believe. These items will indicate areas where you may need to focus the most attention as you work to embrace your rights and build the self-esteem necessary to enforce them.

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