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8 Workshops to Improve Self-Esteem, Decrease Depression/Anxiety, Develop Resiliency, & Help You Feel Your Best


Megan MacCutcheon, LPC, PMH-C

Are you ready to take charge of your life, improve your self-esteem, and be better equipped to handle life's challenges?

Low self-esteem, depression, and anxiety can wreak havoc, negatively impacting all facets of your life, including level of happiness, relationship satisfaction, and academics/career success. But the good news is, you have the power to improve your self-esteem, decrease depression, and manage anxiety by learning new tools. These trainings will help you develop resiliency skills to better cope with stress and be your best. 

What the bundle includes:​​​​​​​​​​


8 Training Videos & Corresponding Workbooks

  • Defining Self-Esteem: What it is? Where does it come from? & How to keep yours healthy.
  • Shifting Self-Talk: Taking charge of your inner-critic & rewiring your brain to feel your best.
  • Pushing Past Perfectionism: How to identity perfectionist tendencies and prevent them from getting your way.
  • Building Better Boundaries: Stop people pleasing, develop assertiveness skills, and learn to set limits so you can preserve your time & energy 
  • Coping with Criticism & Compliments: How to respond effectively to protect yourself & your relationships
  • Strategies for Stress Management: Self-care tools & mindful strategies to help you feel your best
  • Body Image: Stop obsessing about appearance and learn to love yourself for who you are
  • Breaking the Cycle: Fostering resiliency & healthy self-esteem moving forward


What happens after you complete these trainings?

Once you become more aware and start implementing new strategies, you'll be able to: 

✔ Recognize self-sabotaging thoughts & gain control of your inner critic

✔ Get off the perfectionism train so you can reclaim your energy & feel more balanced

✔ Set limits with people in your life so that you minimize stress and stay in control

 ✔ Juggle your responsibilities without feeling completely overwhelmed

✔ Learn to love yourself for who you are



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What past attendees
have said about this workshop:


"I'm learning to stop overthinking every little thing. I'm also starting to set limits and clarify boundaries in relationships without letting everyone else control how I feel."

"I really appreciated learning actionable items that will help me reframe my narrative as I embrace self-compassion and stop beating myself up for the little things that go wrong."

"I didn't realize how much sacrificing myself was ultimately unhealthy for everyone else. Making self-care a priority has made me a calmer, more patient mom."

Still on the fence?

Don't let these reasons get in the way of giving yourself the chance to break free of perfectionism!


About Megan

Hi, I'm Megan. I'm a Licensed Professional Counselor in private practice in Northern Virginia.

I specialize in working with moms who are experiencing stress or mood/anxiety disorders during pregnancy and following childbirth.

I am also passionate about helping people to achieve a better quality of life by healing from trauma, improving self-esteem, managing anxiety, and decreasing depression.

Regardless of what stressors you are facing, I hope my workshops will help you gain insight and develop new tools so you can live a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life.

If you have any questions regarding the best next steps for you, please get in touch!